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Tradeline Sign Up Form.

Please fill out the tradeline information form below. 



1. I hereby authorize CREDIT IN COMMERCE, to apply on my behalf to become an Authorized User on an agreed upon Credit Card(s).

2. I understand that by becoming an Authorized User, the account(s) for which I have been authorized for will issue a card(s) in my name, and that card will be held by CREDIT IN COMMERCE. I understand that I am not able to use this card(s) to make purchases, as CREDIT IN COMMERCE will hold the card(s). I understand that this is for credit enhancement purposes only.

3. I understand that the accounts added to my credit file are from institutions that report/subscribe to all 3 major credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax).1 I understand that this process could take up to 45 days for all tradelines to appear on my credit reports.

4. The contract is completed once tradelines post on 2 of the 3 major credit bureaus. Although in many cases, an account will report for over 2 years on a credit profile, CREDIT IN COMMERCE does not guarantee specific posting longevity. In most cases a line may not update monthly but will still appear on a profile.

5. I understand that CREDIT IN COMMERCE does not guarantee any specific credit score improvement when added as an Authorized User but in most cases a substantial improvement will occur.

6. I will receive a Replacement Tradeline of similar credit and age with the closest next reporting date possible, only if the authorized user account does not show up on ANY of the 3 major credit bureaus.

7. I understand that it is my responsibility to verify posting, and will verify posting within 30 days of the date of contract. I also understand that it may be necessary to link cardholders address to my report when verifying posting and CREDIT IN COMMERCE will provide the address if needed.

8. I understand that it is highly recommended to sign up for IDENITYIQ Credit Monitoring Service. It is currently the most accurate and easily integrates into our back end systems. Note: Credit Karma, Credit Wise, Pro Credit, Privacy Guard, MyFico, Experian, Equifax, & Transunion Credit Monitoring Services are NOT accepted for non-posting issues. You must be signed up with IDENITYIQ's Credit Monitoring Service.

By signing this form, you are authorizing CREDIT IN COMMERCE to have limited power of attorney in all credit matters involving your tradelines. This allows “CREDIT IN COMMERCE” the right to open your mail that contains our credit cards with your name on them. This also allows “CREDIT IN COMMERCE” the right to view your credit report to verify the presence of our tradelines on your report. Any mail received that does not contain our credit cards will be held, forwarded to you “the client” or returned to sender. By committing to our “Authorized User” Tradeline Program that does not give you the right to use the credit in which you are added to. This program is purely to help boost your scores through available credit ratio and age/history of the account.

*CREDIT IN COMMERCE uses LexisNexis to validate ALL submitted documents. We only accept Social Security Numbers issued by the Social Security Administration. "No CPN's"  If you submit an illegitimate Social Security Number, ID or Document you forfeit all rights of receiving a refund of any form.

1) *Please upload your Social Security Card.

Upload File

2) *Please upload your ID.

Upload File

3) Do you have a recent copy of your credit report?


4) Do you have Credit Monitoring?

If Yes, please provide your login information.

If No, we highly recommend signing up for Credit Monitoring with IDENTITY IQ before  adding a Tradeline(s) to your Credit File.

Don't have Credit Monitoring?   Sign Up at IDENTITY IQ now.

Cancel Anytime. Soft Pull Only. No Hard Inquiry.

5) When is the best time to contact you via phone?


6) Have any comments or questions?

By clicking "Submit" you agree by electronic signature to be contacted about our products and services, or other related services by a live agent, artificial or prerecorded voice, and SMS text to your cellular number

Wait 5 to 10 seconds after you click Submit for the form to go through. A success message will appear when complete.

Thank You!
We will email you regarding payment upon verification of your submitted credentials.

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